Join Annie for tea time


Saturday, May 15

10:30am – 12:30pm

Elysian Park, Los Angeles
Los Angeles

May 15

10:30am – 12:30pm
Elysian Park, Los Angeles

3 seats left!

What is Tea Time, exactly?


Tea Time is where five-ish strangers sit at a cafe with a Host to have a two hour conversation. It's not about anything in particular.

You're meant to know pretty much nothing about the people that come, aside from the fact that they all signed up for this — just like you. It's self-selecting in that sense.

However, it may bring you comfort to know a little something about your Host. If so, just keep reading

Meet your Host, Annie.

(It'll be helpful to know what they look like when you're looking for a group of confused strangers at the cafe.)

My favorite phrase during tea times is “me too." I love seeing unifying threads in the thoughts, relationships, and experiences we’ve all had, and how those moments of connection can catapult strangers into fast friends.

What's your story?

When I was younger, I used to take things pretty seriously and thought about my life as a fairly straight and narrow path. Thankfully I stumbled into art school, added a side of anthropology, and discovered my calling in design. Over the years, I've realized that what I care about most is people — our passions, our potential, how to help each other become the best versions of ourselves… and all the awkward, funny, magical moments in-between. I do my best to get out of my comfort zone (e.g. pottery [which I’m terrible at], improv, open mics), spend time with excellent humans (like you!), and bring snacks for sharing wherever I go.

What might we talk about?

Open to anything, but I'm most curious about the things that make you who you are, whatever that means. Maybe it's one of these: the moments when you took a leap of faith, the first time you knew you were in love, what scares the crap out of you, things you do to make sure you’re your best self, the best chocolate chip cookie you've ever had (was it from around here? If so, I need to know), the funniest story you've ever heard, what it means to be privileged, how to travel like a local, something new and/or interesting you just learned, what you're most proud of, what a meaningful life means to you.

You look great today.