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Monday, Feb 17


6:30 โ€“ 8:30pm

Soho, Manhattan
New York City

Feb 17

6:30 โ€“ 8:30pm
Soho, Manhattan


What is Tea Time, exactly?


Tea Time is where five-ish strangers sit at a cafe with a Host to have a two hour conversation. It's not about anything in particular.

You're meant to know pretty much nothing about the people that come, aside from the fact that they all signed up for thisย โ€” just like you. It's self-selecting in that sense.

However, it may bring you comfort to know a little something about your Host. If so, just keep reading

Meet your Host, Jaleel.

(It'll be helpful to know what they look like when you're looking for a group of confused strangers at the cafe.)

Hi! My name's Jaleel. Iโ€™m curious as to how other people experience the world, and what they think of the events that happen around them. Something that people might find mundane I might find absolutely fascinating! Opposing viewpoints and new ideas even more so. Iโ€™m always chasing after nuggets of behavior, traits, and personality to get see what makes people tick. All that to say, Iโ€™ll ask a lot of questions. Let's grab some tea and chat!

What's your story?

I am a jovial Brooklyn native who is finding his way through the world. My interests are broad as they are numerous but it's mainly gaming (video and board) and cooking. I have a sibling who is the the one and only Kirk Knight. You can often catch me reading, meditating, playing a game (ask me what I'm playing!) and/or scheming my next power move (literally). Weekends I'm usually cooking a dish I haven't made before. I'm always adding new dishes to my repertoire. I don't bake, as I'm a hobby cook, not a scientist. A favorite memory of mine is in high school, where we would have Halo LAN parties in the Computer Science room. We would toss stickies, snipe with pistols (underrated weapon btw) and compete for the rocket lawnchair. Sigh, good times.... One "achievement" that I'm proud of is eating a slice of pizza that was the size of a regular pizza pie in it's entirety. As you can see I was very hungry that day. Raised Christian, and was a Boy Scout. I wasn't quite feeling Christianity so I left the religion. Still had to attend the Boy Scout sessions though. One of my boldest moves I ever made in my late teens.

What might we talk about?

Photography, DDR, Literally anything gaming related, COD4, Hot Sauces, Go-To Recipes, Music Playlists (exercising especially), Passions, A.I., Media Recommendations, DIY projects, Handball, Tea, Online Articles, Board Games, the Oxford Comma Debate, Personal Goals, Subreddits, YouTube Channels, UBI, โ€œDeepโ€ questions, Favorite Exercises (DEADLIFT FTW), Cultures, Quirks, Upcoming trips, Upcoming Challenges, Mental health, Uplifting news...AND MORE!

I love the smell of fresh perspective in the morning.