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Saturday, Nov 23

12 – 2pm

Greecologies: 379 Broome St, New York, NY 10013
New York City

Nov 23

12 – 2pm
Greecologies: 379 Broome St, New York, NY 10013


What is Tea Time, exactly?


Tea Time is where five-ish strangers sit at a cafe with a Host to have a two hour conversation. It's not about anything in particular.

You're meant to know pretty much nothing about the people that come, aside from the fact that they all signed up for this — just like you. It's self-selecting in that sense.

However, it may bring you comfort to know a little something about your Host. If so, just keep reading

Meet your Host, Suzanne.

(It'll be helpful to know what they look like when you're looking for a group of confused strangers at the cafe.)

Genuine, sincere conversations are shared when people feel safe, seen and heard. I trust that building emotional vocabulary: to capture the many depths and intricacies of language can build fulfilling conversations.

What's your story?

I will refrain myself from writing panoply of nouns, adjectives, allegiances that ought to define the protean self. I  have a desire to understand more of the world, to respond with humility to the presented understandings; to bridge the two - is to value quasi-everything with reference to the whole.

What might we talk about?

Some topics to discuss: compassion, equanimity, gratitude, love. We can speak philosophically, poetically, or emotionally. I value speaking from a place of true presence and humility.

If you know your "why", you can live any "why not".