Join Ruben for tea time


Saturday, Oct 13


11am – 1pm

Stable Cafe: 2128 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94110
SF / Bay Area

Oct 13

11am – 1pm
Stable Cafe: 2128 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94110

1 seat left!

What is Tea Time, exactly?


Tea Time is where five-ish strangers sit at a cafe with a Host to have a two hour conversation. It's not about anything in particular.

You're meant to know pretty much nothing about the people that come, aside from the fact that they all signed up for thisΒ β€” just like you. It's self-selecting in that sense.

However, it may bring you comfort to know a little something about your Host. If so, just keep reading

Meet your Host, Ruben.

(It'll be helpful to know what they look like when you're looking for a group of confused strangers at the cafe.)

Hey, welcome to my little intro page. My name is Ruben and I hope to meet you soon!

What's your story?

I love the uncertainties and excitement of meeting new people, from the little awkwardness, the blank moments and the times when you feel connecting. I love sharing about things I love and see excitement in other people eyes. I love technology and the possibilities it opens for people to create and therefore impact people around them. I love tea and I hate coffee so thank god this is called tea with strangers! I also like to keep things for when we meet in person so stop trying to analyze too much, sign up for the tea time and we’ll talk soon, its gonna chill and fun, no worries πŸ˜ƒ

What might we talk about?

We can talk about favorite spots in SF, taoism, the weather, life struggle, dating, dreams or how to make the best french omelette. I ll do my best to make sure the conversations are not mechanical and we’ll explore the experience of being strangers with each other.

New friends are just old strangers.