Hey, I'm Drew!

I host tea time in SF / Bay Area

“I don’t like that person. I must get to know them better.” –Abe Lincoln One of my favorite quotes ever, slightly edited, and reason why I love TWS. I believe that a warm genuine smile is the best way to say hello in any language.

What's your story?

I’m a big fan of tea, coffee through my Aeropress, and strangers. I love that moment after speaking with someone for a bit and they don’t seem to be a stranger anymore! It’s my favorite.

What might we talk about?

More than the weather, quirky social norms that everyone seems to follow but most of us don’t understand. What is the best thing you that you have done in the last year, or ever (intentionally left vague, conversation seems to get more exciting this way)! When will we be able to communicate exclusively through emojis and photos? Sushi, smoothie recipes (for fellow veggie haters out there who realize we still need to eat them), biohacking. What are you passionate about? How many exclamation marks are too many, and what is just enough to convey you are stoked to do something?!?!? Where will the world be in 10 years, or next week?