Hey, I'm Erik!

I host tea time in SF / Bay Area

I am excited to share tea with you. Regardless of who you are or what you contribute, you are welcome and belong at our teatime. I am also grateful to share tea with you. It takes courage to meet strangers and let them peek into your life. Thank you.

What's your story?

In my former life, I worked as a management consultant. In my current life, I work as a psychology researcher. In my future life, I don’t think of work as work, but as play and discovery. I used to be religious but now I’m an atheist. I wear the same pair of blue jeggings almost every day. I recently got a piercing and a tattoo, physical indicators of my ongoing identity exploration. I tuck my shirt in because it makes me feel taller and in better shape. I love philosophy. I eat at least one chocolate chip cookie every day. I binge watch bad TV when I feel anxious, which is often. I perennially try to learn coding. I am great at ellipticalling. Pop R&B is my jam. I am a normal stranger.

What might we talk about?

We might share stories about about how we choose to live our lives. Aside from such stories being fascinating, I have found that learning about the habits, decisions, and beliefs of others is one of the best ways to spark change in my own life. I hope to steer our conversations to help us learn and grow a little bit after each TWS.

We also might talk about things unrelated to the how’s and why’s of our personal lives. For instance, we might talk about funny thought experiments (what will the world be like with artificial intelligence that’s smarter than humans?), cool observations (aren’t sports events sometimes like religious experiences?), preferences (what’s your favorite restaurant in the Mission?), or anything else on our minds (what’s your spirit animal?).