Hey, I'm Lisa!

I host tea time in SF / Bay Area

I'm a hack of all shades intent on creating a life by personal design. I'm passionate about creativity, dance, family and independent autodidactic learning. I love to learn new things, travel and make stuff and I really want to hear about every life hack you know.

What's your story?

I'm a Toronto native but have found a home in California for the past 20 years and love the concentration of people here who are givers, doers, thinkers and feelers. It's a good life. I've couched surfed with my family (husband and two kids) through much of France, homeschooled in Thailand, built communities of learners and am always seeking people who are out to play by their own rules especially when that includes connection and keeping it Real on all levels. I've hosted over 200 Airbnb and couchsurfing guests and have been a film and television actor, a photographer's rep, a waiter and a communication skills trainer. Most of my free time I currently spend challenging current educational status quo, mentoring high ability young adults, teaching public speaking through acting skills and training for Ballroom Dance competitions.

What might we talk about?

Let's talk about what's makes us feel alive, what we doubt, what we're sure about, what changes one to the other, want we want, what we love. Other topics we could explore include: standing desks, reconstructing clothing, performance psychology, the pros and cons of various relationship lifestyle choices, quantifying the quality of life and learning how to learn. Or surprise and shock me! Come out and play!