Hey, I'm Nihar!

I host tea time in SF / Bay Area

I'm a friend you haven't met yet. I love looking under rocks, philosophizing about nothing, and have a mild preference for tea over coffee. What are you waiting for? Let's hang out!

What's your story?

I love the way that shared experiences bring us together. Whether it's sleeping in the same hostel, cooking quesadillas, or sharing adjacent plane seats, shared experiences tie together our unique perspectives for an instant and reveal the deep sameness that anyone can uncover. It's these moments that I crave more than anything. That's why I love meeting new people, and that's why I love Tea with Strangers. It's the incredible opportunity to expose the friend hidden just behind the facade of strangerhood.

What might we talk about?

You, cheesy jokes, puns, how we don't have enough words to properly describe ears, Couchsurfing, why people say they're humbled when they're rewarded, Elon Musk, your favorite apps, your thirty-year goals, how one declares a day a 'day of something'?, the Trolley problem, Humans of New York, what people mean when people say bless you after you sneeze, how crushes are a lot like getting music stuck in your head, building things, Kanye West, how it's hard to divide things up equally, what writing would be like without the letter 'a', how awesome it would be to compare the signatures of two people with the same name, why people say 'sorry', why lisp has an 's', why phonetic isn't, why monosyllabic isn't, Airbnb, climbing mountains, artificial intelligence, the 'Orange Bubble', if humans will go extinct, philosophies by which you live your life, how Facebook could be better, how 'good morning' means hello while 'good night' means goodbye, and anything else that's on our minds!