Hey, I'm Samir!

I host tea time in SF / Bay Area

PB&J's and Gatorade are the greatest things because they keep you alive, but what do you wake up for in the morning? I enjoy digging into that question with other people and seeing how blending stories together can make for some delicious conversations.

What's your story?

I enjoy getting lost and learning along the way. This has resulted in hiking near sulphur springs in Northern California, dancing in street fairs, and eating with the homeless. Somehow I've ended up becoming a startup kid focused on staying healthy and administering the best medicine: a little company and some laughter.

What might we talk about?

We could talk about finding the words you just can't generate when a loved one walks away, why umbrellas are perfectly useless when it's windy, about podcasts, the pros and cons of Spotify and Soundcloud, whether dogs or cats provide more laughs, or how the sun still rises tomorrow.