New York City

Let's get tea!

Show up for tea time

You and a few others join a host at a cafe.

Have a real conversation

You talk for two hours about anything.

See what happens

That's it. No strings attached.

There aren't any upcoming Tea Times!

We're working on getting some more up on the board! Sorry for any disappointment, but if you'd like, shoot Ankit, the founder of TWS, an email that he'll screenshot and send to the hosts to give 'em some inspiration.

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The Host Community is full of amazing stories.

How else would someone end up regularly bringing strangers together for conversations? Before each of them were invited to community, they were attendees that fed their tea times with their questions, open-mindedness, and presence.

Hosts we've missed!

Every host in the community has played a huge role in making this movement come to life. You might not have seen tea times from these hosts in a bit, but without them, Tea With Strangers in New York City wouldn't be where it is today.