Hey, I'm Harald!

I host tea time in London

Do you often find strangers awkwardly shuffling away from you when you try to start a conversation with them in public? Do you go on Tinder dates with random people just to see which interesting beliefs they hold?

You are not alone. But there is a better way. And it involves tea.

What's your story?

My name is Harald. I was born in Belgium, and moved to London when I was ten.

I like talking to people I've never met, because they often teach me things I didn't know I didn't know. I love the outdoors, travelling, and exploring, even when I'm at home. There's nothing like showing visitors around to discover how great your own city is!

When I was four years old I tried to fly over a swimming pool and almost drowned. I still can't fly, but I have since learnt to swim.

I have a day job in algorithmic trading. In my free time I play in a band, write a blog, read, travel, and eat. A lot. I like to think I'm rock n roll, and enjoy having my beliefs questioned. One time my nan came to see my band play live and put tissues in her ears because it was too loud.

Some of the people I look up to most are Richard Feynman, Steph Davis, and Alan Watts. Who are your heroes?

What might we talk about?

What's a bad decision you made that turned into a good story? // What's the weirdest food you've ever enjoyed? // If you could live forever, would you? // Are our thoughts and feelings unique to us as conscious beings, or are they just physical and chemical reactions? // Axl or Slash? // Is it wrong to eat the same foods for breakfast and dinner? // Heads or tails? // Does technological progress scare you or excite you? // What's your favourite kind of tea?

If you had tea with 5 other people you'd never met, what would you like to ask them? What would you like them to ask you?