Hey, I'm Maya!

I host tea time in London

Although I grew up in London, I've spent the last 9 years away...but the attractions of the world can't keep me from London. As much as Big Ben, black cabs and rain make up the essence of London, it's the diversity of the people that makes it unique. So I'm back and keen to meet you. Everyone has a story - I can't wait to hear yours!

What's your story?

So who am I? I grew up in London, to Iraqi parents, surrounded by a variety of cultures and ideas that I enjoy exploring. This has grown into a love of travelling and curiosity of others- I'm trying to discover the world, starting with my own city and make my way across the globe one way or another, constantly in awe of how much we can learn from the rest of the world. I love to hear where people are from, what they think, what they know, what they believe and how it makes them who they are. Aside from that I am currently exploring how to live a life of purpose, and what that means to me. I’m building my bucket list (climb Mt Kilimanjaro, go paragliding, sail the ocean..) and am open to inspiration. I love being active and outdoors, and am struggling to do enough of that at the moment. I'm finally getting back into reading. Most importantly, I am excited to be hosting tea time and keen to hear all about what makes you...you! And be prepared for a hug...I'm a big hugger, and pretty sure that hugs are what is going to save the world!

What might we talk about?

Empathy....and its role in everything! What is your greatest talent? Is the pursuit of happiness selfish or the key to a fulfilling life? Has globalisation increased or decreased tolerance? What are your best character traits? Where are they from, and how can we encourage them in others? What's one of the great songs and why? Where are you from? What's the purpose of news? What's your passion? How can we help children reach their full potential - and what that even means?