Hey, I'm Krina!

I host tea time in London

Where I’m from everyone talks to each other, everyone makes eye contact and everyone smiles at you. If you haven’t guessed already I’m Northern… Preston in Lancashire to be exact!! I moved to London 7 years ago and miss talking to random people in the streets, bus or the coffee shop. Before I knew it, we would exchange our life stories, which was amazing. So, when I first heard of TwS I was like YES PLEASE!!!! THIS IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!! ESPECIALLY WITH A BREW!!

What's your story?

I am a Northern British Indian excited by making eye contact with random people and conversing!! Weird but I love it!! I do silly dances when I am excited (most of my family and friends do not know I do this). I’m proud of and surprised by my ability to stay positive in crappy situations. Oprah, alternative health, yoga, Christmas, red wine, food excite me and most likely to make me do a silly dance in all the excitement. I spend my free time reading and attending conferences/workshops on health as well as socialising with some wine with friends in my local pub. Let me tell you about this time when I fell over in Manchester because the wind was blowing at 45mph, I looked up and the same thing was happening to another girl in front of me… We both laughed at each other whilst lying on the floor haha!!

What might we talk about?

The search for meaningful conversations. Oprah. Siblings. Family dynamics. Realisations and AH HA moments. Physiology. Journaling. Home. Sugarcoated vs straight up talk. How many stamps are in your passport? Are you holding a grudge? Have you found evidence of a higher power? Or anything you want to talk about as I love learning new things and peoples experiences with them.