Hey, I'm Carissa!

I host tea time in London

A born and raised Texan, I ventured to the East Coast for undergrad where being a Residential Advisor and bringing 40 freshmen from all walks of life together as a community was the most fulfilling aspect of college. I’m fascinated by people and how like snowflakes, no two are the same. Everyone has a unique story, and I love hearing them!

What's your story?

I grew up in the sunny city of Sugar Land. Yes, this place exists. And yes, I do have a very strong sweet tooth because of it (peanut butter M&Ms are my kryptonite). Although I have a “southern” accent for some words, I don’t own any guns/horses and grew up in a vegetarian household so I probably fail to meet the vast majority of Texan stereotypes. When I’m not studying and trying to improve healthcare systems, I enjoy running, brunching, playing ukulele, song writing, salsa dancing, and chipping away at my 78-item long London bucket list.

What might we talk about?

Why pizza is the most delicious food known to man. Life-changing conversations. Artificial Intelligence. Life hacks. Busking. Buzzfeed articles. Bad first dates. Cereal. Your bucket list. Coincidences. Cultural nuances. Decision-making. Generosity. Hidden gems in London. Mythical creatures. Music. Positive psychology. Self-perception. Superstitions. Why selfie-sticks are ruining society. The pursuit of happiness. Kung Fu Panda. TED talks. Roof tops. Space exploration. The perfect S’mores. Travel adventures. Your motivations. The Universe and all of its mystery…