Hey, I'm Jen!

I host tea time in London

I'm the girl that wants to sit somewhere cosy and talk about the need to create a sense of community in this crazy world. How about a cup of tea and two hours of something new and exciting?

What's your story?

I was born in the UK but raised in Hong Kong which gave me the privilege of meeting all sorts of people and seeing a lot of the world - this is probably where my interest in different perspectives and understandings originated. I went to university in Edinburgh and have been living in London since 2008 where I work as a clinical psychologist (I promise I won't analyse you!). I'm someone who likes to ask 'why' a lot and who will try anything once. I love exploring different cultures, especially through eating or travelling! Maybe that's what's so great about tea - it's a common connection across all cultures. Who doesn't like tea?! Some facts: I love Asian food and Cheetos. I hate coriander and dinosaurs. If you have tea with me, I hope you'll leave feeling warm and fuzzy.

What might we talk about?

Gender, sexuality, mental health, Psychology, travel, film, crossing the States by Greyhound, celebrities, London, dating people, Julianne Moore (who is just on a roll right now?), photography, music, how it feels to turn 30, food, tea(!), politics, what it's like to visit Death Row, cross-stitch...you name it and we can talk about it.